Hewo!!! This is the first actually buggly blog!

Its so exciting to finally have this website finished, I started with 0 CSS or JavaScript knowledge and ive learned so much over the past 2 weeks. Im going to be using this blog to just share what’s going on in my chrome dome :3. And with that…. Im going to start ranting about my current hyper fixations

HOLY FUCK DO SEX TOY STORES (mostly) SUCK!!!!! Me and my mates wandered down to one as a late night mission for a bit, and being the resident expert in sex toys I was super excited to actually go to a store in person uwu. HOWEVER when we got their I was mentally flashbanged by isles of poor quality products and absolute scams! If you walk into a store and see something from ali-express being sold at a 500% markup you might as well do a 180 and leave.

I wonder how successful a sex toy store that only sells good products would be? There were some absolute stinkers there. Btw just a quick tip, only by vibrator wands which have a hard-shell body and a ‘disconnected’ head (basically the body plan of the legendary Hitachi magic wand). Try to avoid toys where both the head and the body are coated together with one shell of silicone (such as the Vush majesty 2).

With a toy like a Hitachi wand the vibrations are localized entirely withing the head of the wand. With a toy like majesty the vibrations are transferred through the silicone shell from the head to the handle of the wand, this means that it buzzes the SHIT out of your hands. As someone with sensory issues this is the fucking worst, my hand gets numb and sore after only 5 minutes. Additionally, because the vibration is being transferred through the outer coating, the overall stimulation from the head is reduced.

This concludes my dumb ass rant about sex toys, if you want to see me start to do actually reviews please let me know in my guest book!